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An ancient Hindu legend

There was a time when all men were gods, but they abused so much of their divinity that Brahma, head of the gods, decided to take away their divine power and hide it where they would never find it.

Therefore, where it was going to be hidden, it became the big problem.

When the minor gods were called to counsel to evaluate this problem they said: “We will hide the divinity of man down to earth”.

But Brahma said: “No, this is not enough because the man will dig and find it”.

Then the gods will say: “Well, then we will sink his divinity into the deepest ocean”.

But Brahma still replied: “No, because, sooner or later, the man will explore the depths of the ocean and will be sure that one day he will find it and bring it back to the surface forever”.

Then the younger gods concluded: “We do not know where to hide it, because it seems there is no place on earth or in the sea where man could not possibly reach it”.

Then Brahma said: “Here is what we will do with the divinity of man: we will hide it deeply in himself because he will never think of looking there.”

And since then, the man has been up and down the earth exploring, climbing, diving and digging, looking for something that is already inside him.

Wellness, happiness is not something material, a position, an idea, a recognition but the profound knowledge and acceptance of ourselves and the ability, desire and constancy of loving yourself and being happy, being happy and wanting others to be happy, whatever is going on in life